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Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

We value any feedback we get from you and love you to share your positive comments.

We do our best to make sure your experiences are enjoyable, however if there if anything you feel we could improve on, or if have a complaint then please contact the principal Ali Heywood on ali.heywood@dwr.co.uk in the first instance.


To provide an effective Complaints and Appeals process for students, apprentices and employers in order to encourage feedback and improve the quality of facilities/services that DWA provides.


This Procedure covers complaints and appeals regarding any/all DWA activities, provision and services.


The Principal is responsible for dealing with all complaints, except those made regarding the Principal

The Clinical Director is responsible for dealing with all Appeals made by complainants who are not satisfied with the response to their complaint. The Clinical Director is responsible for dealing with complaints made regarding the Principal.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is where an apprentice, other learner or employer is unhappy with any aspect of the service that we provide. Examples include:

  • Apprentice feels that we have unfairly treated them
  • Apprentice feels that we have not given them the support during their programme that they would have expected.
  • Any learner, who feels that we have assessed a piece of their work unfairly
  • An employer who feels that we have not provided them with sufficient information regarding the progress made by their apprentice or learner.

There is no ‘fixed’ definition of a complaint. We will consider any issue that an apprentice, learner or employer wishes to raise, where they believe that they have not been treated properly by us.

Student complaints

Where a student makes a complaint against a student or member of staff, DWA should ensure, as far as reasonable and practicable, that the student is not harassed/bullied by any third party (student, member of staff or member of the public).

Informing staff

Where a member of staff (or a group of staff) is the primary subject of a complaint, then the Principal shall write to the identified member of staff indicating that they have been named in a complaint together with the following information:

  •  date complaint was made
  •  nature of the complaint (i.e. necessary detail)
  •  their role, and likely interaction with the member of staff
  •  what will happen to the outcomes of the investigation
  •  the mechanism by which the named member(s) of staff may respond to the complaint

Note: At this stage the identity of the person making the complaint may remain anonymous (where a complainant has named a member of staff as the subject of their complaint, then the Principal must ascertain as to whether the name of the complainant may be released to the member of staff. The complainant should be made aware that where a member of staff is named and the complaint is not founded then the member of staff may have recourse to college processes, or external processes [where legal action may be taken])

The Principal must make it clear to the third party/complainant that complaints are taken seriously, and that DWA may take action to protect its employees.

Complaint and Appeals Procedure

DWA takes any complaints very seriously

  • If a student, clinical supervisor or practice principal has a complaint against an aspect of the training provided by DWA, the complaint should be put in writing to the DWA Principal with any supporting documentation.
    DWA Principal: Ali Heywood ali.heywood@dwr.co.uk
    Complaints will be responded to within 10 working days of receipt of written documentation.
  • If a complaint is to be made regarding the DWA Principal then Clinical Director Dr Simon Tappin should be contacted by clicking here.

    Complaints will be responded to within 10 working days of receipt of written documentation.
    Appeals regarding assessment decisions will follow the Awarding Body appeals process

Next Steps:

  • If you are unhappy with an apprenticeship and have not been satisfied with the outcome of following the above complaints procedure then you can contact the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) directly and raise your concerns with them.

How to complain to the ESFA:

  • The ESFA will only accept complaints in writing, by email or letter.
  • If you have difficulties in providing details in writing or if you are under 18, they will consider complaints made on your behalf by a third party. You will need to confirm that they can communicate with that third party on your behalf. If the complaint is on behalf of more than one person, the ESFA will need written permission from everyone.
  • You should email complaints to esfa@education.gov.uk, or put them in a letter to:
    Customer Service Team,
    Education and Skills Funding Agency
    Cheylesmore House
    Quinton Road
    Coventry CV1 2WT