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  • What happens if my pet needs to be put to sleep? plus

    Owning pets can be a source of great joy but it also brings responsibilities – one of which is to make a decision to put them to sleep if they are suffering through illness or injury, with no hope of recovery.The process, known as euthanasia, is painless and involves an overdose of anaesthetic. At DWR, you would be asked to sign a consent form and a vet will administer this via an intravenous catheter. You may either be present or leave your pet with us.

    This is a stressful time for pet owners, during which some decisions need to be made:

    • Would you like to take your pet’s body home with you, for burial or cremation?
    • Would you prefer to leave us to organise this? In this event we work with Peaceful Pets of Kings Lynn who will arrange an individual cremation and return the ashes either to us or to your own veterinary surgeon for collection.
    • If you are leaving your pet with us, would you like us to take some fur for you to keep, or a paw print image that can be used to create your chosen keepsake?
    • Would you like to take your pet’s belongings home, or leave them with us to be donated to an animal charity?
    • If your pet is a dog, would you consider donating his/her corneas to help save the sight of another dog?

    Our vets and nurses all understand how difficult these decisions can be at such a sad time, and they will talk you through the options and help you choose what is best for you and your family.


  • Hours plus

    We are open for routine appointments Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. Neurology & Dermatology appointments also available on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

    Out-of-hours, our wards are staffed around the clock by nurses and veterinary surgeons and emergency referrals are admitted by veterinary appointment.

    Our telephone lines are manned from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Friday and 8.30 am to 5.00 pm on Saturdays. At all other times, telephone calls will be diverted to our emergency only service.


  • Can I be referred to DWR if I am insured with a company with a Referral Vet Network? plus

    Some insurance companies, including Argos, Homebase, John Lewis, Marks & Spencers, More Than and Tesco operate a Referral Vet Network, directing their policy holders to specific referral practices.

    DWR does not participate in schemes of this nature as we strongly believe that the choice of referral practice should be left entirely in the hands of the first opinion vets and their clients, based on clinical priorities.

    On occasions, companies operating such schemes will impose a penalty charge for referrals to practices outside their own network. In this event, DWR will reimburse the charge.

  • What happens if my pet does not have medical insurance? plus

    We will ask you to settle your account with us in full following your consultation or, in the case of hospitalisation, on collection of your pet. Cash, debit and most major credit cards are accepted; unfortunately, we cannot accept payment by cheque or American Express card.

    Depending on the clients’ financial circumstances, finance agreements may be available. We work regularly with Carefree Credit who, following a credit check, may offer a range of options to spread the cost of your pet’s treatment.

    For further information regarding this service, please contact a member of our Finance Team.

  • Can DWR claim my pet’s fees directly from my insurance company? plus

    Depending upon your insurance company, we may be able to arrange direct payment of insurance claims.
    In order for us to be able to do this, you should bring the following with you:

    • A completed claim form
    • A valid certificate of insurance detailing the level of cover and any excess for which you are liable
    • A credit or debit card to pay any shortfall

    If you would like us to make arrangements for direct claims, you should inform us at the time of the initial consultation. It may not be possible to arrange this once investigations or treatment have begun.

    If you require pre-authorisation, this can be arranged at your request. Please call our Finance Team in advance of your appointment.

  • What happens if my pet has medical insurance? plus

    There are many pet insurance providers and the cover that they offer varies considerably. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company that your pet is covered for the treatment provided. . If you are in any doubt about any aspects please contact your insurers for clarification Please note that you will be responsible for any shortfall in the insurance payment. Settlement of an insurance claim is often delayed if your own vet has not submitted their claim for your pet’s illness. Please ensure that this is submitted as soon as possible. It is also helpful for us to be aware of the amount that has already been spent so that we can advise you of any potential shortfall in your insurance cover.

    If you require  pre-authorisation, this can be arranged at your request. Please contact a member of our FinanceTeam in advance of your appointment.

  • How will I know how my pet is progressing in hospital? Can I visit my pet? plus

    If your pet is staying with us for more than 24 hours we will try to contact you twice daily to update you with their condition and progress. There will be a team of nursing, intern and Specialist staff looking after your pet and any member of this team may update you. When animals are likely to be hospitalised for a few days or more, we welcome visits by owners and these should be arranged in advance with the clinical staff. We do not have set visiting times but we try to organize visits at times that will be least disruptive to the clinical activities in the hospital.

  • Can I leave any of my pet’s belongings? plus

    If your pet is staying with us please do not leave any collars, leads etc. Please note, to comply with our hygiene policy, we cannot accept toys, bedding or other personal items into the hospital.

  • What do I need to do when I arrive at DWR? plus

    You should check-in with our Client Care Team and you will be asked to complete a registration form so that we can confirm the accuracy of our records. Your consultant will meet you in the Reception area. Although we try to see clients at the appointed time, the nature of our practice is that we often receive emergency admissions. If you are kept waiting, we apologise but hope you will understand that emergencies must take priority. We have supplied a coffee machine and reading materials in the waiting area.

  • What do I need to do before my appointment at DWR? plus

    Please ensure that your vet has sent us a letter outlining your pet’s condition together with x-rays or other results. It is possible that your pet may require diagnostic investigations and treatment. If you have a morning appointment, these tests may begin on the day of admission and so it is advisable not to give any food after the previous midnight; water should NOT be withheld. If your pet is receiving any medications, or is on a prescription diet, please mention this at the time of the consultation, and if possible, please bring several days’ supply with you in case hospitalisation is necessary.

    If your pet is insured, please see FAQs on insurance.

  • What is a veterinary Specialist? plus

    Veterinarians can choose to pursue a career as a general practitioner, providing a first opinion service and developing a great breadth of knowledge of many different conditions. As they gain experience, they can also progress to become Advanced Practitioners.Alternatively, they may choose to specialise in a particular discipline. This requires a qualified vet to undergo substantial further training and to pass exams to prove that they have the required level of knowledge and experience in their chosen field. Only those that have been through this process can call themselves Specialists and they need to be re-accredited regularly in order to continue using the title. Not all practices offering referral services have the availability of Specialists.

  • Why have I been referred to DWR? plus

    If your primary care veterinarian has referred you to DWR, it is because he or she considers that your pet’s diagnosis and/or treatment requires an enhanced level of expertise or equipment. DWR is one of the leading Specialist veterinary centres in Europe offering a multi-disciplinary approach to each case.

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