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Addressing the Shortage of Veterinary Imaging Specialists

Despite the current shortage of veterinary radiologists, which is of concern across the profession, DWR has just appointed Audrey Belmudes, increasing its team...

London Vet Show A Great Success

This year, for the first time, Dick White Referrals, together with Anderson Moores, Eye-Vet and Northwest Veterinary Specialists exhibited at...

New Specialist Joins Cardiology Team

Jasper – Stopped in his Tracks

Additional ECC Specialist

A Colourful Hat Trick for Theatre Team

New Tears For Benson

Exam Success for Academy’s First Cohort of Student Nurses

Team Approach Pays Off for Lily

Further Growth of Pathology Team

Personalised Vaccine for Yogi the Lab

New Laser Therapy for Physiotherapy 

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca in the dog

Ocular Foreign Body Removal

Totally Jinxed!

Sharing Knowledge

Mycobacterial Infections in Cats

New Level 3 Diploma at DWA

Building Work Completed on New Expansion

Once bitten – but not so shy

Amazing Opportunity for Renata

A Dig in the Ribs That Saved Oakley

Titch – the Tale of a Soggy Moggy

Dolly is Fiona’s Star

Ophthalmology Seminar is a Sell Out

Multiple Contributions to BSAVA

Making Mental Health a Priority

Two Full-Day CPD Events in April

Doin’ the Best for Doolin

The Gift of Sight

New Veterinary CPD Programme

50,000 patients…… and counting!

New Home for Police Dog Injured in Line of Duty

Increased Focus on Emergency and Critical Care

Christmas and New Year Opening

Ruby enjoys a post surgery trip to the coast

Isoflurane Supply Shortage

Desi Gets Her Breath Back

End is in sight for Ferran

James and Ben sent to Coventry!

One man’s (or horse’s) medicine is another man’s (or dog’s) poison!!

Davide Berlato awarded de facto Specialist Qualification in Radiation Oncology

Microbiology Update: New Analyser and MIC Sensitivity Testing

Thumbs up from Students and Practices for the Dick White Academy

Olly-Bob’s Lucky Escape

New Anaesthetist on Board

Eye Screening Service Being Resumed

Ophthalmology Training

An unexpected train ride for Sky

Olive bites off more than she can chew!

New Head of Oncology Appointed

RCVS Role for Ali

Betsie’s story – with a twist!

Major Expansion Due for Completion in 2020

Mitral Valve Disease Clinic

Dick White Academy Celebrates Exam Performance


New publications

Holter Monitoring Service on show

Internal Medicine Textbook

Great results for DWR Interns

Reimbursement Scheme for RSA Customers

Major expansion to start in 2018

CPD in Eastern Europe

Keyhole surgery gives Jago a brighter future


DWR tops 250 employees

Shanti joins the imaging team

Wedding bells for Rachel and Darren

Focus on osteoarthritis

Another Specialist in our Internal Medicine Team

Jackie to spend 3 years on ECVS Board of Regents

Ali to lead DWR Academy

Two awards for Charlene

Clinical Fellows Team expanded

Ophthalmology CPD

First DWR Academy Graduates

Moving to pastures new

Promotion for Lizzie

Successful US trip for Laura

BSAVA winner

Expanding service needs more space

Neurology Seminar

Dog Show classes

Open Day fun for everyone

Lola ‘unlocked’ by veterinary expertise

Two more Specialists for DWR

New members of Internship Programme

Our very own Jamie Oliver!!

Theatre Refurbishment

Distinction for Charlee Hurlock

Expansion for Aniplant

Award Winners – and proud of it

Holter Monitoring at DWR

New, flexible monitoring

Expanded neurology services

Links with Portuguese college

Close shave for Alaska

Dick White Academy

Ultrasound in Havana

Farewell to Julia, Mateusz and Joy

New intern intake

New Clinical Staff

Newest technology arrives at DWR

Record Attendance at DWR Open Day

Strategic Partnership to Enhance Development of DWR

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