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Referring a Case

We are happy to take referrals by phone or you can use our online referral system. Please note that Emergency cases should always be made by phone.


If you prefer to call us, please have the owner’s details to hand and you will be asked to which department you wish to refer the patient. We pride ourselves on trying to help our colleagues by seeing cases as soon as possible. This includes a high level of staffing out-of-hours and a large amount of dedication from Consultant Specialists in attending cases out-of-hours when a genuine emergency.

The hospital is staffed 24-hours per day by intern veterinary surgeons and qualified veterinary nurses and Residents and Consultants in each discipline are available, in addition to their normal working day, to attend emergencies out of hours as necessary. Understandably, the costs of Consultants attending cases out-of-hours, and of investigations being performed outside normal working ours is higher than when cases are referred inside normal working hours and this should be discussed with owners, prior to making an emergency appointment. On occasions it may be preferable that examinations are performed during normal hours at less cost.

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If you are a vet and would like to be able to refer cases to us, then please sign up using the form to your right and we will supply you with login details to refer cases.

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