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Jon Wray

Head of Cardiology and Consultant, Internal Medicine


The Cardiology Service is run by Jon Wray and Ruth Willis. Jon is an RCVS-Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Medicine and is completing his credentials to sit the RCVS Diploma in Veterinary Cardiology. Ruth is an RCVS-Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology.

Our diagnostic facilities include advanced echocardiography, 12-lead electrocardiography, phonocardiography, angiography, digital radiography, endoscopy, multi-slice CT scanning (including CT angiography), 24-hour ambulatory ECG (Holter) and continuous ambulatory monitoring (CAM 7 days). Procedures undertaken routinely include investigation of heart murmurs, investigation of cough, stabilisation of patients with congestive heart failure and arrhythmias, pericardial effusion drainage/assessment/thoracoscopic pericardiectomy, investigation and management of pleural space disorders, investigation of episodic weakness and collapse, investigation and management of congenital heart diseases and breed health screening

We are proud to offer a comprehensive and competitively-priced package for investigation of incidentally discovered heart murmurs in cats to aid colleagues in general practice with decision-making in this challenging situation.

We are one of very few centres in the UK able to offer interventional cardiology procedures such as:

  • Amplatz Canine Ductal Occluder (ACDO) device, catheter-based occlusion of patent ductus arteriosus
  • Balloon dilation for critical pulmonic stenosis (PS)
  • Pacemaker implantation for symptomatic bradydysrhythmias.

On occasions, it is unclear whether a problem is primarily cardiac, respiratory or even both. In such cases, a structured approach to investigation by Specialists with expertise in several areas is essential. Our Cardiology service benefits from a truly multidisciplinary approach, and, where appropriate, advanced surgical techniques (performed by Soft Tissue Surgical Specialists) and advanced Specialist diagnostic imaging can be employed.

Our veterinary staff are pleased to offer advice to colleagues in primary care practice.

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