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Diagnostic Pathology

Staff Members

Butty Villiers

Head of Clinical Pathology

Paola Monti

Clinical Pathologist

Alice Pastorello

Clinical Pathologist

Nic Ilchyshyn

Clinical Pathologist

Roberta Rasotto


Valéria Café Marçal

Anatomical Pathologist

Rachel Pittaway

Anatomical Pathologist

Kathleen Tennant

Consultant, Diagnostic Pathology


Our laboratory service is led by Elizabeth (Butty) Villiers supported by a team including 3 clinical pathologists (Paola Monti, Alice Pastorello and Nic Ilchyshyn). Our histopathology team is headed by anatomical pathologist Roberta Rasotto,  supported by Valeria Café Marçal and Rachel Pittaway.

Full information relating to our range of tests, with sample requirements and turnaround times, are available from the laboratory’s website.

The service offers a wide range of analyses including haematology, cytology, microbiology (including MIC testing), endocrinology, urinalysis, histology, dermatology, haemostasis and therapeutic drug monitoring. We are also one of a very few laboratories to offer flow cytometry for the evaluation of suspected leukaemia and for immunophenotyping of lymphomas on FNA samples.

We operate a courier service that collects samples from practices throughout East Anglia. For further details of this service, please call 07921 167035.

Our highly qualified pathologists have a clinical background and therefore understand the needs and concerns of busy practitioners. When preparing clinical reports, they aim to provide the most useful and relevant advice relating to the investigation of both routine and challenging cases. Veterinary surgeons using our laboratory have direct telephone access to the pathologists for case discussion and advice. Such discussions are often invaluable in reaching an accurate diagnosis and getting the maximum benefit from laboratory tests.

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