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Diagnostic Pathology

Our Diagnostic Pathology Laboratory is run by Elizabeth (Butty) Villiers who is highly renowned throughout the UK and Europe. We have a team of 5 pathologists who are qualified veterinary surgeons and specialise in the use of laboratory analyses to diagnose disease in dogs and cats.

Staff Members

Butty Villiers

Head of Clinical Pathology

Paola Monti

Clinical Pathologist

Alice Pastorello

Clinical Pathologist

Nic Ilchyshyn

Clinical Pathologist

Roberta Rasotto


Valéria Café Marçal

Anatomical Pathologist

Rachel Pittaway

Anatomical Pathologist


We are very fortunate to have a dedicated laboratory on site, meaning that accurate, rapid laboratory results and interpretation are possible with minimal delay for patients of the hospital.

Diagnostic Pathology is the speciality that allows us to diagnose diseases on the basis of laboratory investigations of blood and other bodily fluids and tissues. In addition to standard tests, our laboratory is able to perform some very advanced diagnostic analyses, available in very few other centres in the UK.

As a result, we are usually able to obtain very rapid results and therefore reach an early diagnosis. This is important because, in many conditions, treatments are more beneficial when they are implemented as soon as possible after the disease process has started.

As a result of the close interaction between our laboratory team and the clinical veterinary staff, the patients referred to DWR for investigation are able to benefit from the highest possible standards of both diagnosis and treatment.

As well as providing an in-house service, our laboratory also undertakes analysis of samples for veterinary practices throughout the UK.

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