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Staff Members

Olivier Taeymans

Head of Diagnostic Imaging

Sam Jakovljevic

Consultant, Diagnostic Imaging

Abby Caine

Consultant, Diagnostic Imaging

Pete Mantis

Consultant, Diagnostic Imaging

Daniel Housley

Consultant, Diagnostic Imaging

Emilie Fauchon

Consultant, Diagnostic Imaging

Micheál Ó Cathasaigh

Consultant, Diagnostic Imaging


Olivier Taeymans heads the Diagnostic Imaging Service, assisted by Consultant Radiologists Sam Jakovljevic, Abby Caine, Pete Mantis, Emilie Fauchon, Daniel Housley and Micheál Ó Cathasaigh. With 2 Residents, 2 radiographers and 2 imaging assistants, we are the world’s largest imaging service in private veterinary practice. This level of expertise is essential in order to obtain maximum benefit from the state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal.

Despite the development of more sophisticated modalities, radiography still plays a key role in diagnostic imaging. Our new DR system allows instantaneous display of the images throughout the clinic through PACS, and a new mobile DR-system allows us to take x-rays in theatre. Fluoroscopy, which also uses x-rays, creates live images of moving structures; and we use it to perform oesophagrams, cystography, cardiac procedures and surgical implant/stent placements.

Our high-end ultrasound machines provide excellent quality images of deep and superficial structures, eg the abdomen, thorax (including the heart), head, neck and musculoskeletal system. When B-mode real-time ultrasound is complemented by Doppler techniques, it can provide quantitative information relating to blood flow within the cardiovascular system or anomalous blood vessels. Elastography, contrast-enhanced ultrasound and 3D ultrasound are state-of-the art developments available on our 2 stationary machines. A smaller, portable ultrasound machine is used in the different treatment areas, ICU, or theatres.

is a cross-sectional modality routinely used to image the brain, spinal cord, nerves and adjacent structures. It helps to assess epilepsy, inflammatory CNS disease, intervertebral disc disease, traumatic disease of the brain, ‘wobbler syndrome’ and neoplasia. MRI scans also provide excellent images of the musculoskeletal system as it results in excellent soft tissue differentiation.

Our 16-slice CT Scanner, the latest of its kind, provides excellent image quality with low dose rates and rapid reconstruction speeds, providing accurate diagnoses with minimal delay. The 16-slice format allows clear visualisation of many structures and, because sections can be obtained in any plane or as 3D-volume reconstructions, abnormalities can be assessed from different angles. CT is particularly useful in assessing the thorax, musculoskeletal system and the nose. A dual power-injector can trigger the contrast bolus injection at very specific times, allowing us specifically to assess arteries, systemic veins, portal vein tributaries” or organ perfusion.If needed, the Diagnostic Imaging Service has access to external nuclear medicine facilities.

Our Teleradiology System enables us to share our unique multi-disciplinary knowledge, experience and technical expertise with colleagues requiring a second opinion relating to the imaging modalities of digital radiology, MRI and CT.

In order to transfer DICOM images easily, securely and rapidly, we have partnered with Sybermedica, a well established company specialising in clinical data communications. This quick and simple process allows Dicom images to be transmitted, viewed and interpreted by our highly qualified Diagnostic Imaging Team. Where further clinical input is appropriate, the images can be shared with other DWR clinical Specialists, in a wide range of disciplines, resulting in the generation of high quality and comprehensive reports including detailed treatment recommendations.

For further information regarding this service, please contact our Telemedicine Manager Helen Reeve on 01638 572012 or helen.reeve@dwr.co.uk.

Members of our team are pleased to offer advice to colleagues in primary care practice.

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