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Jan Janovec

Consultant, Orthopaedics

Gareth Arthurs

Consultant, Orthopaedics

Darren Barnes

Consultant, Small Animal Surgery


Our Orthopaedics Service provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic approaches and treatment options with 24-hour availability for emergencies. We routinely perform surgeries ranging from the frequently seen developmental conditions like patellar luxation through to more challenging cases, including hip replacement, limb re-alignment and limb salvage for appendicular skeletal tumours.

Rapid return to function following cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency is achieved most readily following a tibial osteotomy surgery technique. We offer tibial plateau levelling and tibial tuberosity advancement for all dogs from small to giant breeds.

Orthopaedic injuries following trauma present major risks for long-term debilitation but appropriate intervention and post operative physiotherapy can often restore pre-injury levels of function. Internal fixation is indicated for articular fractures and for multiple limb injuries. Open fractures and fractures in immature patients are often best-treated using external skeletal fixation.

For many articular problems, arthroscopic investigation and treatment offers improved visualisation of lesions and the opportunity for effective intervention with a rapid recovery time.

Determining the cause of a lameness in patients is not always straightforward. Our on-site MRI, CT, digital radiology, ultrasound facilities and our team of Diagnostic Imaging Specialists help to ensure that we reach an accurate diagnosis as rapidly as possible. Occasionally, lameness has a neurological cause and our Specialist colleagues in Neurology assist us with these challenging cases, identifying and treating neurogenic lameness appropriately.

Our Orthopaedic Team are pleased to offer advice to colleagues in primary care practice. Orthopaedic surgery can be an unforgiving discipline and we understand that complications occur occasionally and require revisionary surgery. We offer a reliable, professional and supportive service in such cases.

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