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Jon Wray


RCVS-Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine

Honorary Associate Professor, University of Nottingham

Jon graduated from Bristol University 1996 and worked in mixed animal practice for 2 years. He completed a Residency and held clinical and academic posts before returning to Bristol as Clinical Fellow in Cardiorespiratory Medicine. He holds the RCVS Certificate, Diploma and Specialist Recognition in Small Animal Internal Medicine and the Certificate in Cardiology. He joined DWR in 2008.

Jon has been Chief Examiner for the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Medicine and is currently Chief Examiner for the RCVS Diploma in Small Animal Medicine. As well as publishing widely on many aspects of internal medicine, he is author of the textbook ‘Canine Internal Medicine: What’s your Diagnosis’ and has lectured widely, both in the UK and internationally, in the fields of Internal Medicine, Cardiorespiratory Medicine and Education. His particular fields of interest are all aspects of cardiorespiratory medicine, swallowing disorders, use of endoscopy in diagnosis and management, endocrinology and interventional radiology. He received training in interventional radiology in the USA.

In 2018, Jon was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons by Meritorious Contributions to Clinical Practice and admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology



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Book chapters

Wray, J.D. (2016) Laboratory evaluation of lipid disorders. In: BSAVA Manual of Clinical Pathology (3rd edition), E. Villiers & J. Ristic (eds) BSAVA Publishing, Gloucester.

Wray, J.D. (2003) Chapter 4: Medical Diagnostics. In: Textbook of Veterinary Medical Nursing, C. Bowden & J. Masters (eds), Butterworth-Heinemann. Books

Wray, J.D. (2016) Canine Internal Medicine: What’s your diagnosis? Wiley Publications, In Press.

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