Poppy Bristow


Head of Cardiac Surgery and Soft Tissue Surgery


Poppy graduated from the Royal Veterinary College where she stayed on to complete a rotating internship followed by an ECVS surgical residency. She successfully received her ECVS diploma in 2015. Poppy was a Lecturer in Soft Tissue Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania following her residency and then moved back closer to home in the UK and worked in a private referral hospital whilst helping to set up the RVC’s heart surgery programme. She completed a Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship where she performed open heart surgery in many patients. In 2020, Poppy was recruited to set up a new heart surgery programme at DWR.

Poppy has been passionate about cardiac surgery since she started her specialist training. She has worked in several different hospitals, undertaken advanced training in cardiothoracic surgery in both veterinary and human hospitals and participated in and led multiple research studies in order to progress this discipline in small animals.

Poppy’s other main passion is advancing gender equality in the veterinary field and working on a national committee to help achieve this.