Good news for Rudi

04 November 2020


Rudi is a Northern Inuit Dog, a breed developed from a 1980s breeding project in the UK with the objective of producing a dog breed that resembles wolves. He was diagnosed with very rare autosomal recessive inherited oculoskeletal dysplasia (OSD).

Rudi has been under the care of Renata Stavinohova, one of our Ophthalmology clinicians, since his diagnosis. His specific ocular signs included enlarged globes, lens abnormalities including mild cataract, vitreopathy and retinal disease which had been present since birth. He also has short-limbed dwarfism and angular limb deformities. He has been seeing Renata for ongoing follows up over a prolonged period and they always like greeting each other. At his last visit, she was pleased to note that, as well as being comfortable, Rudi is still able to see well despite his ocular disease.

If you are interested in this condition, an article has been published by Renata and her co-authors: