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Interventional Radiology

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Our Interventional Radiology team has extensive experience and expertise in the application and development of cutting edge interventional treatment options.

Interventional Radiology is a rapidly expanding area of veterinary medicine which utilises advanced imaging such as fluoroscopy, together with endoscopes and catheters. It allows treatment to be delivered, or diagnostic samples obtained, from areas of the body which have previously been difficult to access.

Common treatments involve the placement of ureteral, urethral and nasopharyngeal stents to prevent the collapse of a lumen; or coils to attenuate blood flow. The technique has proved particularly effective in the treatment of intrahepatic portosystemic shunts and can be used for endoscopic mass removal or the delivery of intra-arterial chemoembolisation.

For information about the Interventional Radiology Service or to discuss a case, please contact Daniela Murgia.