Cardiothoracic Surgery

We are one of the few centres in the world to be able to offer heart surgery for dogs and cats.

Most cases we see are mitral valve repairs for the management of myxomatous (degenerative) mitral valve disease, but we also have experience in, and are able to offer surgery for a whole range of other conditions including, tricuspid valve dysplasia, congenital mitral valve abnormalities, pulmonic stenosis, double chambered right ventricle and other conditions.

Our team consists of Poppy Bristow, Anne Kurosawa, Craig Bailey, and Paolo Monticelli and Laurent Locquet. As well as numerous other Specialists and specialty nurses.

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Poppy & Craig

Dr. Poppy Bristow has been passionate about cardiac surgery since she started her specialist training. She has worked in several different hospitals, undertaken advanced training in cardiothoracic surgery in both veterinary and human hospitals and participated in and led multiple research studies in order to progress this discipline in small animals.

Poppy finds this area so fascinating as successful surgery can provide a cure in patients with an ultimately fatal disease such as myxomatous mitral valve disease. Heart surgery can most importantly make a huge difference to the quality of life of both the patients and their owners. As there are currently only a handful of centres worldwide offering heart surgery, she is passionate to train future heart surgeons to allow greatly availability of this surgery to pets and owners.

Craig is one of our core heart team members assisting Dr. Poppy Bristow with the new heart surgery and liaising with clients and referring cardiologists. Craig also has keen interests in nursing critically ill patients, transfusion medicine and extracorporeal dialysis