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Internal Medicine

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The Internal Medicine Service led by Jess Florey consists of a group of Specialists, Residents and nurses.

Our highly experienced team offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including:

  • Upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy and biopsy;
  • Tracheobronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage;
  • Rhinoscopy (rigid and flexible, anterograde and retrograde) and biopsy;
  • Urethrocystoscopy (in male and female dogs and female cats);
  • Vaginoscopy;
  • Foreign body retrievals (airways, oesophagus, stomach and urogenital);
  • Placement of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tubes;
  • Endoscopic stent placement using interventional radiology;
  • Balloon dilatation of strictures with intralesional anti-fibrotic medication injections;
  • Thoracoscopy and laparoscopy performed by our colleagues in Soft Tissue Surgery.
  • Holter monitoring and interpretation

Working closely with our clinical pathologists allows us to manage complex haematological, endocrine and immune-mediated diseases. We are highly experienced at diagnosing and managing gastrointestinal, hepatic, renal, pancreatic, urogenital and respiratory disorders.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to cases, with support from Specialists in related disciplines and our on-site laboratory, ensures that each patient receives the highest possible standard of care. In particular, we benefit from access to sophisticated imaging equipment including MRI and CT scanners and digital radiography, supported by a large team of Diagnostic Imaging Specialists.

Our Internal Medicine team are pleased to offer advice to colleagues in primary care practice; this can be done through our online advice form.

"Fantastic interaction with the dog. Genuine passion for veterinary medicine and keen to support the dog and her owners."

DWR client.

"The team in Internal Medicine have been amazing. They are so professional, through and caring. It is hard handing your sick dog over to people you do not know but the staff at DWR always seem to make you feel they really will take care of your family member."

DWR client.

Remote Consultations

Some clients are unable to easily make the journey to us following a routine referral and may prefer to make an investigative plan prior to being seen in person. For this reason, we also offer a remote phone consultation for new cases where appropriate.

If you feel that this would suit your client best, please feel free to request this when making the referral; we are always happy to discuss if the case is appropriate for this if you are unsure.

During the remote consultation we will ring the client at a pre-arranged time, discuss the patient history and the potential diagnostic plan (as well as pre-booking the imaging and investigations as appropriate, at a mutually agreeable date and time).

The consultation fee for this service is £270 for the phone consultation. There are additional fees if the patient is then admitted to the hospital.

Estimates for common complaints:

Chronic cough £3,000-4,000 Consultation, thoracic radiography, general anaesthesia, bronchoscopy, bronchoalveolar lavage cytology and culture,  2 days hospitalisation +/- CT thorax
Nasal discharge/sneezing £3,000-4,000 Consultation, general anaesthesia 2h, head CT +/- thorax, rhinoscopy, nasal biopsies, 2 days hospitalisation
Tracheal collapse £2,000-2,500 Consultation, thoracic radiography, general anaesthesia 2h, bronchoscopy, bronchoalveolar lavage cytology and culture, 2 days hospitalisation
Upper respiratory noise £2,500-3,000 Consultation, general anaesthesia, CT head rhinoscopy, nasal biopsies, 2 days hospitalisation


These are approximate estimates/list of items for these clinical complaints. It will be tailored individually in each case and discussed with the client during initial consultation/hospitalisation. These estimates do not include treatments.