Puppy Murmur Clinic

Puppy Heart Murmur Clinic

A ‘heart murmur’ is a sound usually caused by turbulent blood flow within the heart and detected by a vet after listening to your dog's chest with a stethoscope. Most dogs with heart murmurs have heart disease, but occasionally murmurs turn out not to be related to significant heart problems. The murmur itself doesn’t tell us how severe a heart problem is or whether it needs treatment. Sometimes disease doesn’t need treatment but may do in the future.  Many excellent treatments exist for dogs with heart disease, but knowing which patients benefit from these is at the core of cardiology.

We have a Puppy heart murmur clinic to offer you peace of mind if your vet finds a heart murmur.

Your vet simply refers your puppy to our Cardiology service for specialist assessment.

The cost of the clinic is £275 and the assessment and scan will be undertaken by a board certified Cardiologist.