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The Dermatology service relates to the diagnosis and treatment of skin, ear and paw disorders.


Allergies are an important cause of dermatological problems in dogs and cats and we have a particular expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disease.

Dermatological conditions are common in cats and dogs; and although some can be straightforward, others are very difficult to diagnose accurately without a detailed investigation involving sophisticated equipment and a great deal of experience and expertise. In order to select the most appropriate form of treatment, it is essential that a correct diagnosis is made. Your veterinary surgeon may therefore recommend that your pet is seen by a Specialist.

Our Specialist Consultant has a range of sophisticated diagnostic tools available, including intradermal testing which allows us to detect and identify allergies rapidly. We can also perform detailed examinations of the ear via a video-otoscope. This means we can place a tiny video camera inside the ear which then transmits images of the ear drum and ear canal to a television screen.

Dogs referred to our Dermatology Service show a range of clinical signs, frequently involving hair loss and itchiness. The conditions commonly diagnosed and treated by us include allergies, infections, parasites, auto-immune diseases and hormonal disorders.

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