Additional Information

Extra information about Physiotherapy

We offer a 30-minute physiotherapy or hydrotherapy session or a full session that can last up to an hour, which combines both physio and hydro.

We supply treats, toys, and towels during the session. However, if you would like to bring along your pet’s favourite toy or treat to help encourage them or have any dietary requirements, then please feel free to do so. During the colder months we ask that you bring your pets coat along, so we able to pop this on after hydrotherapy.

This can vary from patient to patient so we are unable to tell you how many sessions your pet will need. We assess each patient and will update you on their progress at the end of every session to put a plan into action, to ensure they receive the best possible care.

Most insurance companies will cover physiotherapy and hydrotherapy; however, we advise that you talk to your insurance company to check your policy before your first appointment. Our client care team can help you with any questions you may have regarding insurance.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic we are restricting the number of people in the building, therefore, we are not able to have owners come into the physiotherapy room. We can take videos and photos during the session and will share these with you, so you are able to see their progress.

Yes, we can prescribe exercises for you to continue with your pet at home, once we have carried out an assessment to ensure we are giving the correct exercises.

This varies from patient to patient and will depend on the reason for your pet’s referral. This can range from straight away to a few months. Please seek advice from your Vet if you are unsure.