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DWR Veterinary Specialists is one of the largest specialist multi-disciplinary veterinary referral centres in Europe, offering outstanding levels of clinical care in state-of-the-art facilities.

Residencies are offered in disciplines throughout DWR. These are for qualified veterinary surgeons who have completed an Internship and wish to become Specialists. A Residency consists of at least 3 years’ full time clinical training under the supervision of recognised Specialists. During this time, Residents must participate in research projects and publish papers in peer reviewed journals. At the end of this period, they must sit rigorous examinations either through the RCVS or the appropriate European or American college. To ensure that they continue to study and keep up to date with all new information, Specialists need to be re-validated every 5 years.

If you wish to apply for a Residency please view the opportunities here and apply the filter or please contact