Additional Information

Extra information about Ophthalmology

All canine and feline patients, with the exception of pets suffering from diabetes mellitus, should be starved of food on the day of the initial appointment (all pets should have free access to drinking water until the appointment). However, the appointment should not be delayed if starving is not possible (for example if your pet is referred as an emergency). Starving will allow certain investigations and procedures to be carried out on the same day as the consultation if considered necessary by the Ophthalmologist. Please note, however, that most investigations and procedures will likely be scheduled for a later date.

Although information regarding the medication should be provided by the referring veterinary surgeon, clients should bring all medication that has been used in the patient’s eye in the last few days or, if applicable, months. Alternatively a list of the medication may be sufficient.

Most eye medications should be continued throughout the day of examination so that the effect of the eye medication can be assessed. This is particularly important for patients suffering from glaucoma. No medication should be given approximately 30 minutes before the actual appointment.