Pet Owners


The Oncology service covers the diagnosis, treatment and management of cancer in dogs and cats.


Just like people, our pets can develop cancer. This condition occurs when cells replicate at an abnormally fast rate and, in most instances, form masses. Cancer remains one of the major causes of death in our pets.

There are many forms of cancer, and both dogs and cats can be affected. Early and accurate diagnosis is vital in the management of cancer, and we have state-of-the-art equipment on-site to facilitate this, including CT and MRI scanning facilities. We offer a full range of surgical and medical treatments, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

We are passionate about ensuring that the quality of life for every cancer patient is maintained or improved as a result of their treatment, which is always aimed at minimising pain and improving health and function, where possible. In the unfortunate event of side-effects or complications developing, we will provide appropriate treatment for this.

We understand the anxiety that arises when a pet is diagnosed with cancer and we strive to support owners throughout the course of the disease and its treatment.

Please remember that your consultant will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

“We come every 3 months for scans for our pet and the vet in Oncology has been awesome every time. All tests are thoroughly done, and all results are thoroughly explained. Nothing is ever done without our permission, and he is so well looked after for the day he is there. The technology is unbelievable and as a whole the money is worth spending.”

DWR client.