Veterinary Professional

Insurance & Finance

Once your client’s appointment is booked with us, they will be sent a Welcome Pack, which includes ‘Information for Insured Clients’, and an online link which needs to be completed and returned to us 48 hours before their appointment.

During the initial consultation we will give them an estimate of the likely costs of investigation and/or treatment. They should note that estimates provide an indication of approximate costs and, although we do our best to keep them informed of any major additional charges incurred during investigation/treatment, the final costs of treatment can exceed our initial estimate if their pet’s condition proves to be more complex than initially anticipated. We aim to discuss any additional charges before undertaking the treatment unless it is vital for the animal’s welfare then this is performed without delay. We will ask your client to pay up to 50% of the higher estimate.

Whilst our finance team do their best to assist your client with their claim, due to client confidentiality, it is their responsibility to check if they have adequate cover before any treatment, and are aware of any exclusions, excesses or possible shortfalls.