Pet Owners

Pre-Visit Checklist

It is possible that your pet may require diagnostic investigations and treatment on the day of their first consultation.

These tests may begin on the day of their admission so all pets (with the exception of those suffering from diabetes mellitus) should be starved before their appointment, from midnight the previous night. Water may still be given, right up to your appointment time.

If your pet is on any current medications, or is fed a special/prescription diet, please mention this at the time of the consultation, and if possible, please bring several days’ supply of food with you.

When you come to the hospital please remember to bring your insurance documents your pet! Also if you have a dog please bring their lead as all dogs must be on a lead in reception.

If your pet is admitted to the hospital, we ask that you do not leave any collars, leads, toys, bedding or other personal items, to comply with our hygiene safety standards.