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What to Expect When Visiting us

When you arrive at DWR follow the signs around to the left to the main hospital entrance. Our Client Care team will check you in and explain the next stage of your pet's journey with us. A clinician will then take you and your pet into a consult room. Your first consultation will likely take around an hour and we will make sure you fully understand what is involved in your pet’s care, you will also receive an estimate of costs. This estimate may be broad until we have fully investigated your pet’s condition.

Your local vet will have referred you to us because they believe that your pet’s diagnosis and/or treatment requirements need an enhanced level of expertise or equipment.

DWR is one of the leading specialist-led veterinary referral hospitals in Europe, offering a multi-disciplinary approach to your pet’s care. This means that your pet will receive the best possible treatment and care all in one place. Whether they need diagnosis of their condition, detailed 3D scans or to have samples analysed in our on-site laboratory.  If a surgical operation is required or a visit to the physiotherapy team, they will have all the care they need, very similar to you visiting a private hospital.

Your pet will be under the care of a specialist-led team, including Residents and Interns working towards becoming qualified Specialists. They will keep you and your referring vet informed on what is happening whilst your pet is under our care, undergoing investigations or treatment.

Once qualified, vets can choose to specialise in areas such as Soft Tissue Surgery, Dermatology and Oncology. This requires them to undergo five years of further training and to pass exams to prove that they have the required level of knowledge and experience in their chosen field. Only those that have been through this process can call themselves Specialists and they need to be re-accredited regularly in order to continue using the title. Not all hospitals offering referral services have the availability of Specialists.

To view all of the specialist disciplines we offer at DWR please go to this page. - Click on Find a Vet for information on specialist qualifications and to find Specialists. - This website links to all the specialists in all the disciplines throughout Europe.

Our Consultations with a vet can last up to an hour and give you a chance to describe your pet’s symptoms. Our vets will have your pet’s medical history, test results and referral from your local vet but they always like to understand the issue from your point of view.

These are the prices for each service for the initial consultation where the vet will talk through potential next steps, an estimate of costs and give you the options to choose from for the best care and treatment for your pet.

Cardiology £400

Dentistry £320

Dermatology £350

Emergency and Critical Care £450

Internal Medicine £400

Neurology £350

Oncology £400

Ophthalmology £350

Orthopaedics £350

Soft Tissue Surgery £350


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