A Dig in the Ribs That Saved Oakley

03 May 2019


No owner wants to hear that their dog has been diagnosed with cancer but at least Oakley’s owner was given the option of life-saving surgery for his much loved pet.

Oakley is an 11-year-old labradoodle referred to DWR at the beginning of April. Unfortunately, a CT scan showed that he had bone cancer, specifically a tumour associated with the 9thrib on his right side.

The tumour was identified as a chondrosarcoma, which is a locally aggressive type of cancer.

Oakley’s owner chose to go ahead with the surgery, and DWR surgeon Darren Barnes performed the operation, which involved removing 4 ribs and 3 cm of the soft tissue surrounding the tumour. His chest wall then had to be reconstructed using muscle flaps.

We are very happy to report that Oakley has now been back for a re-check. Laboratory tests carried out on-site confirmed that the tumour has been completely removed and he is recovering very well.