Amazing Opportunity for Renata

07 May 2019


Corneal injuries and opacities are eye problems that are very often diagnosed in animals as well as people, and they can lead to scarring or cloudiness of the cornea, which decreases vision and may progress to blindness. As in human ophthalmology, by using advanced corneal surgeries vets are able to save animals’ sight and increase their quality of life.

One of our Ophthalmology Residents, Renata Stavinohova, recently attended a 2-day theoretical and practical corneal course in London. Although the course was aimed at human ophthalmologists, Renata had the privilege of participating.

The focus was on corneal transplantation and common corneal procedures including amniotic membrane transplantion, corneal glueing and fine needle diathermy occlusion of corneal vessels. It included a didactic and interactive wet lab and training was given on how to perform penetrating keratoplasty, the use of vacuum trephine and deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty. All lectures were delivered by outstanding speakers. Renata found it to be an amazing and eductional opportunity from which she gained knowledge, experience and the possibility for collaboration with human ophthalmologists.