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Davide Berlato awarded de facto Specialist Qualification in Radiation Oncology


Following the establishment of the (add-on) specialisation in Radiation Oncology via the European Colleges of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Veterinary Internal Medicine, the first de facto Specialists have been appointed, including Dr Davide Berlato – Head of Oncology at Dick White Referrals.

The recognition of de facto Specialists is a major step towards establishing the specialty of Radiation Oncology in Europe. Dr Berlato’s eligibility for this appointment was on the basis of: being a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine; having at least 7 years’ experience in veterinary radiation oncology; spending at least 50 per cent of his time in radiation oncology; and having published at least three original articles related to radiation oncology in refereed journals as first author, and at least three as co-author. The appointments were made by the Radiation Oncology Education and Credentials Committee whose remit also includes the recognition of radiation oncology training programmes, enrolment of trainees and the establishment of radiation oncology as an integral part of both ECVDI and ECVIM. Dr Berlato commented “The appointment carries the responsibility of establishing radiation oncology as a specialty in Europe, educating colleagues and training new Specialists. I look forward to fulfilling this role”. Rob Foale, Clinical Director of Dick White Referrals, added “We are extremely proud that Davide has achieved official recognition of his expertise in this area. With the opening of our new clinical facilities next year, he will have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including a linear accelerator, and we will be able to offer our patients the most advanced radiotherapy techniques available”.

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