Expanded neurology services

06 December 2016


Feline Neurology

With the recent expansion of our Neurology Team, which now comprises 3 Specialists, 3 Residents and an Intern, we have introduced a dedicated Feline Neurology and Neurosurgery Clinic.

Neurology can be a very challenging discipline in cats due to their unique behaviour towards pain and the specificity of clinical manifestations of feline nervous system diseases. Neurological conditions in cats produce a wide range of clinical signs, including seizures, loss of balance, loss of ability to ambulate, abnormal behaviour, blindness, tremors, feline hyperaesthesia syndrome, spinal compression or brain tumours. Management of these cases, especially in epileptic and neuro-oncological patients, and those requiring surgical intervention, will be addressed specifically, thanks to our multi-disciplinary approach to cases.

Our clinicians are trained to provide the specific attention needed for cats during consults, and neurological examinations are performed in a quiet and cat-friendly environment with techniques adapted to reduce fear and obtain reliable results.

All feline patients are hospitalised in our dedicated cat ward and cared for by highly qualified nurses. All DWR Specialists, including those in the Anaesthesia, Internal Medicine and Surgery Services, are available around the clock to support the management of feline neurological patients.


In response to feedback we are receiving from colleagues in primary care practice, we are now pleased to extend our Neurology Service to exotic species.

We are seeing an increased demand in general practice for veterinary services for a wide range of exotics, including rabbits, ferrets, rodents, birds and reptiles. The diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases conditions in these patients can be challenging but we are now offering a specific neurological service including clinical examination, blood tests and radiographs. When required, we are also able to undertake MRI, CSF analysis and electrophysiological investigations to allow us to reach a definitive diagnosis and provide the appropriate medical, surgical or oncological treatment.
Our neurological work-up for exotic species is capped at £500 for non-surgical and £1,000 for surgical cases. Anyone wishing to discuss cases or seek advice regarding this service should contact Giunio Bruto Cherubini: gbc@dwr.co.uk.