Expansion for Aniplant

20 January 2017


The Dick White Charitable Foundation has been supporting Aniplant in Havana since 2010. It has renovated and equipped a clinic in the city which is caring for street dogs and cats and performing over 3,000 sterilisation surgeries each year. Last July, one of our Radiologists visited the clinic and installed an ultrasound machine, staying for a week to provide the necessary training. The next stage in the development of the services is to establish a laboratory to undertake essential sample analyses.

However….. the existing premises are already bursting at the seams and there is definitely no space for a lab so a larger property is essential. Dick and Christine White visited a variety of properties for sale and identified one which would be ideal; a much bigger footprint with a large amount of space outside and a separate building which would be perfect for the laboratory. All we need to do now is raise the £180,000 required to buy it!!! Fundraising projects will be set up throughout the year – starting with our Open Day on 9th July so please come along and support it.