Important Information re Current Supply of Medications

20 March 2020


Supply of medications during the human Covid19 pandemic

Due to increased requests for large quantities of medications it has become necessary, in order to maintain stock levels of vital medications for hospitalised animals with acute/emergency illnesses and so that future supply of medications can be maintained for all our patients, to limit supply to 1 month at a time. Please ensure that when requesting medication your pet has been seen by us within the last 6 months (it is a legal and clinical requirement that we have recently examined patients receiving medication prescriptions) and allow a minimum of 2 working days for requests to be actioned. Written prescriptions may be obtained from your own veterinary surgeon.

‘Lofenoxal’ (Diphenoxylate cosyntrope) supply

Owners of dogs receiving the cough-suppressant ‘Lofenoxal’ (Diphenoxylate cosyntrope) should be aware that the cost of this medication has recently increased dramatically. The drug is no longer manufactured in the UK and is imported under a special licence from Australia. The wholesale cost of this drug has increased manyfold as a result.