Mia’s Lifesaver Joy

05 August 2022


We recently had a donor save a young dog’s life. Mia, a two-year old cockapoo arrived with low platelet levels resulting in a severe gastrointestinal haemorrhage. She had sustained such severe blood loss that she was unconscious on arrival and barely breathing, she went straight into our intensive care unit where the Emergency and Critical Care team stabilised her. She required a massive transfusion so we had to call in a whole blood donor as well as using blood in storage. Luckily Joy an Australian Shepherd came to the rescue.

Mia’s owner said “We couldn’t have been happier how the team saved her life as it was such a scary time and happened so quickly, we can’t thank them enough.”

Emily Thomas one of our Specialists in Emergency & Critical Care said. “Mia would not have survived without Joy. After transfusion Mia went on to make a fantastic recovery and was discharged home looking as bright as a button as if nothing had happened!”

Joy’s owner said “It is fantastic news that my lovely Joy helped save a young dog’s life. I am thrilled for everyone and would definitely recommend the blood donation service at DWR.”