Mitral Valve Disease Clinic

23 March 2018


The EPIC study (Boswood et al 2016 JVIM 30(6):1765-1779) has documented a benefit from the use of pimobendan in the pre-clinical period of myxomatous mitral valve disease in small breed dogs ≥6 years of age with cardiac remodelling.

In these dogs, an echocardiogram carried out by a veterinary cardiologist can help in ascertaining whether the patient has cardiac enlargement that would mean a potential benefit from the treatment.

We are therefore offering a mitral valve screening echocardiogram at a subsidised cost for specific cases of asymptomatic older small breed-dogs with murmurs typical of mitral valve disease.

Eligible animals must: have a heart murmur typical of myxomatous mitral valve disease, ≥3/6 systolic at the left apex; be asymptomatic other than the murmur; and be ≥6years old and <25 kg.

The clinic takes place outside our normal time for investigation of other cardiac disease. If animals do not fulfil these criteria (eg they are symptomatic or they have other types of cardiac disease) their owners will be offered a routine cardiac examination appointment in the clinic at normal cost.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Jon Wray: