Multiple Contributions to BSAVA

28 March 2019


One of our priorities here at DWR is the exchange of knowledge and experience among our veterinary colleagues, For this reason, many members of our team will be attending BSAVA 2019 and contributing oral and poster presentations. These include clinicians from our Neurology/Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology and Soft Tissue Surgery departments.

Among the highlights are presentations on

  • An alternative treatment for masticatory muscle myositis
    by Giunio Bruto Cherubini
  • Cardiac manifestations of systemic disease
    by Ruth Willis
  • Basic eye surgery Wet Lab
    by Ben Blacklock
  • Approach to the young coughing dog
    by Simon Tappin
  • Top tips for great medical and surgical case reports
    by Rachel Hattersley
  • Surgical management of thoracic and abdominal foreign bodies
    by Georga Karbe

Full details of the BSAVA Programme can be seen at: BSAVA Programme

In addition, DWR will be represented at a number of the pre-BSAVA Society Meetings.

We are also delighted to note that several of our past Interns are also presenting this year.