Multiple meerkats for Max

01 March 2019


Max Foreman, one of our Interns, has been involved for the last 13 years with Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation in Kent. This is a small, not for profit, organization and he visited recently to help out with the meerkats.

During his time there, he participated in the quarterly veterinary inspection, chaired an Ethical Review Committee meeting and vaccinated 9 meerkats. They receive annual vaccinations against Leptospirosis, because there has previously been a case of Leptospirosis in the collection. This year the numbers had increased slightly, as they had 4 babies over the summer!

Max is the named ‘zoo vet’ for the collection and although he doesn’t perform much of the daily clinical work for the foundation, he oversees the provision of veterinary care, as well as their compliance with the zoo licensing.

This year, DWR donated all the vaccinations, which is a great boost to the foundation’s funds. Max will return in March to vaccinate the Servals – which he says is a much bigger (and slightly scarier!) job!