New Head of Oncology Appointed

05 June 2018


In preparation for the facilities being incorporated into the new  expansion, we have just appointed Dr Davide Berlato as Head of Oncology. Davide brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise and he will be working alongside the Departments of Internal Medicine, Neurology, Soft Tissue Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging and Diagnostic Pathology. Now that we are planning to enhance our facilities with the addition of a linear accelerator, the appointment of a dedicated Head of Service is essential and Davide will build a great team and add Oncology to our list of flagship services”. The integration of disciplines at DWR Veterinary Specialists underpins the aim of reaching rapid diagnoses and instituting treatment as early as possible, which is very often the key to success in oncology cases. The on-site laboratory offers advanced techniques to diagnose and sub-classify tumours; and the imaging department provides further valuable information, including the extent of spread. Successful management of oncology patients at DWR Veterinary Specialists often includes a combination of different treatments, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, molecular-targeted treatments and immunotherapy. Dr Berlato said he is excited at the prospect of developing the service at DWR. “I am really looking forward to working within a truly multidisciplinary environment” he said “and I am happy to be joining the clinic at such an exciting period. The new expansion will provide me with state-of-the-art facilities and I am confident that we will be offering an unrivalled Oncology Service to the benefit of our professional colleagues, clients and patients”.