New laser eye treatment

14 July 2023


This new service uses a state-of-the-art 810 nm diode laser and has already successfully treated horses and dogs with eye problems.

For horses, the non-invasive laser procedure removes cysts which are blocking the pupil and impairing vision. The treatment has already restored the vision in a horse owned by a veterinary nurse at DWR.

Dogs can also benefit, as the laser removes melanomas in the iris, if they are caught early. As they are typically benign in this species, there is no concern of spreading cancer elsewhere in the patient. It also reduces the risk of the iris bleeding and can stop the development of glaucoma and the loss of an eye.

Our Ophthalmology team have already successfully treated a young Labrador which should now keep its vision for at least the rest of its working life.

Georgina Fricker, Consultant in Ophthalmology said: “Our new laser eye service is already proving very successful in restoring the vision in horses and dogs who have sight problems.

“It’s a non-invasive procedure to treat cysts in horses and melanomas in dogs’ irises. We’d urge any pet owner who suspects their animal to have such a condition to get it diagnosed at their local vet, who can then refer them to us for the laser treatment.”

The laser can also be used to treat some types of retinal detachment in animals to stop them detaching further.

These photos show before and after an iris cyst removal