New Laser Therapy for Physiotherapy 

29 July 2019


Our Physiotherapy Department has recently added low level Laser Therapy to its array of therapeutic approaches.

Class 3B low-level Omega Laser (non-heating)

Low Level Laser Therapy provides light energy that stimulates the body’s natural healing processes, optimising repair and helping to restore normal cellular function.

It stimulates healing growth response through:

  • increased ATP and protein synthesis
  • improved cell proliferation
  • change in cell membrane permeability to calcium up-take

and enhances pain relief through:

  • increased endorphin release
  • increased serotonin
  • suppression of nociception action

It also supports the immune system by increasing levels of lymphocyte activity and the regeneration of cells.

We have recently obtained a Class 3B low-level Omega Laser with both a standard point probe and a cluster probe for different treatments. The Laser can be used for:

  • wound healing
  • osteoarthritis
  • pain
  • soft tissue injuries/issues
  • fracture healing
  • acupuncture points
  • oedema

The light energy from the Class 3B penetrates deeper than that of earlier lasers, which were LEDs (630 nm). The new Omega Laser uses light of specific beneficial wavelengths (between 700 and 900 nm).

Research has indicated that there are effects specific to pulsing rate and so Omega Laser control units also allow variation of pulsing rate.