New members of Internship Programme

31 March 2017


We are delighted to welcome the following colleagues to our Internship Programme:

Gianluca Bini MRCVS

Gianluca graduated in 2014 from the University of Perugia in Italy. He undertook an internship and traineeships before spending 2 months visiting Departments of Anaesthesia at the Universities of Pennsylvania and Bern. He has since undertaken further training in anaesthesia at DWR.

Daniela Grigore MRCVS

Daniela graduated from Bucharest, Romania, in 2013. After 2 years in small animal practice in Bucharest, focusing on internal medicine, clinical pathology and anaesthesiology she moved to London in 2015 and worked at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust

Kristine Long MRCVS

Kristine graduated from Szent Istvan Egyetem, Budapest, in 2010 and subsequently moved to Wales, working first as a large animal clinician and then moving into small animal practice.

Mara Senzolo MRCVS

Mara graduated from Bologna, Italy, in 2007 and completed a PhD on the relationship between coagulation and inflammation in spontaneous anticoagulant rodenticide intoxicated dogs. After 5 years in referral practice she completed a one-year emergency and critical care internship at the University of California and a fellowship at the International Renal Research Institute in Italy.

Marina Domingues MRCVS

Marina completed her Master’s Degree in 2015 at the University of Lusófona in Lisbon, Portugal. She moved to the UK in 2016 to enrol in a scholarship at the University of Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital. After completion, she worked in first opinion practices in the UK.