New publications

19 December 2017


The following recently published papers illustrate the benefits of research collaboration, both between disciplines and between organisations.

Negrin, A., Spencer, S. and Cherubini, G.B. (2017) Feline meningoencephalomyelitis of unknown origin: a retrospective analysis of 16 cases. Can. Vet. J. 1073-1080.

Banzato, T., Bernardini, M., Cherubini, G.B. and Zotti, A. (2017) Texture analysis of MRI to predict histologic grade of meningiomas in dogs. Am. J. vet. Med. 78, 10: 1156-1162.

Scarpante, E., Cherubini, G.B., De Stefani, A. and Taeymans, O. (2017) MRI features of leukoaraiosis in elderly dogs. Vet. Radiol. Ultrasound 58, 4: 389- 398.

Housley, D., Caine, A., Cherubini, G.B. and Taeymans, O. (2017)  Evaluation of T2W versus short-tau inversion recovery sagittal sequences in the identification and localisation of canine IVDE with low-field MRI. Vet. Radiol. Ultrasound 58, 4: 433-443.