New Specialist Joins Cardiology Team

05 November 2019


The Cardiology Department at DWR Veterinary Specialists has recently welcomed European Cardiology Specialist Hayley McDonald, a New Zealand graduate who has gained clinical and academic experience as a cardiologist in the UK and Australia.

Hayley is a 2009 Massey University graduate who worked in first opinion and emergency care practice in Australia until 2014 when she moved to the UK to commenc a 3-year Residency Programme in cardiology at the University of Glasgow.

Following completion of her Residency, she remained at Glasgow as a Clinician in Veterinary Cardiorespiratory Medicine and has recently joined DWR.

Hayley said she is “looking forward to working in a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment with such a large and varied caseload”.

DWR accepts referrals in all aspects of cardiorespiratory medicine and is one of a very few centres in the UK able to offer a number of interventional cardiology procedures such as amplatz canine ductal occlude (ACDO) treatment of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA); balloon dilation for critical pulmonic stenosis; and permanent pacemaker implantation for symptomatic bradydysrhythmias.

Head of Service, Jon Wray, added “a Cardiology Specialist of Hayley’s caliber will enhance our team and contribute greatly to the development of our department”.