New Tears For Benson

13 August 2019


Benson, a 6-year-old, cross breed, was referred to us for because he was suffering from keratoconjunctivitis sicca, otherwise known as ‘dry eye’. He was completely unable to produce tears and this was causing him constant pain. He was also starting to go blind.

Despite trying numerous medications, the condition did not respond to treatment and therefore our Ophthalmology Team performed an unusual but potentially sight-saving surgery, relocating his salivary ducts from his mouth to his eyes and thus allowing the eyes to be kept moist with saliva instead of tears.

This procedure requires the skills of an experienced ophthalmic surgeon, together with the necessary equipment, including an adequate source of magnification and illumination. It was carried out under general anaesthesia and involved making small incisions into the mouth and sides of the face, identifying the salivary ducts, freeing them from their position and stitching them into the pocket below each eye.
Following surgery, he needed to wear a head collar at first, to ensure that he didn’t cause damage to the wounds. He was given a short course of painkillers and antibiotics and is now fully recovered.
His owners tell us that he is back to being a happy, playful dog with no evidence of pain or discomfort.