Once bitten – but not so shy

16 May 2019


We all love to see puppies having fun with their playmates, but 8-week-old Husky, Tatiana, was obviously being a little too annoying and, as a result, was bitten on the head by her canine friend.

Her owners took her straight to their first opinion veterinary surgeons who decided to refer Tatiana to Rob Quinn at DWR who arranged a CT Scan.

The images produced by our Diagnostic Imaging are extremely high quality, and Rob could see clearly that there was a fracture to her lower jaw. However, it was a simple fracture and the teeth were still perfectly aligned. He therefore felt that the jaw would be likely to heal without the need for surgery.


He advised that Tatiana be muzzled for 10 days, to restrict jaw movement, and when she returned for her check up she was able to demonstrate how well the fracture had healed by performing a ‘clamp test’ on Rob Quinn’s hand!!!

He was really pleased with her progress and felt that, within a few days, she will be completely back to normal and chewing on anything she can find.

This case is a good illustration of how high quality imaging can be used to indicate when surgical interventions are NOT necessary – as well as when they are.