One man’s (or horse’s) medicine is another man’s (or dog’s) poison!!

26 October 2018


We’ve heard plenty of stories of dogs that can ‘eat like a horse’ – but Pip is a spaniel that took this rather too literally. He decided that the horse’s food, nicely seasoned with Metacam, looked far too tasty to be left for his equine friend! Unfortunately, this resulted in him ingesting an overdose of the medication and developing a stomach ulcer that subsequently ruptured, causing septic peritonitis.

Pip was rushed to theatre at DWR where Rob Quinn and Caitlin Tzounos performed emergency surgery to repair the hole in his stomach. They then placed a feeding tube to enable him to receive nutrition during his recuperation period.

We are pleased to report that Pip has made an excellent recovery. His delighted owner reports that he is now eating and drinking normally and is back to his normal happy, bouncy self.