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The Cardiology Service investigates and provides medical and surgical care to patients with disease of the heart and blood vessels. Pets with heart conditions may display a range of clinical signs including difficulty in breathing, fainting, exercise intolerance and heart murmurs. If your veterinary surgeon suspects heart disease, he/she may recommend that your pet be seen by a Specialist for diagnosis.

Staff Members

Jon Wray

Head of Cardiology and Consultant, Internal Medicine

Hayley McDonald

Consultant, Cardiology


Heart problems in pets range from conditions that can be treated or managed easily to those which are serious or life-threatening. Cardiology is a complex area of veterinary medicine and diagnosis can be very challenging. Although it often requires the use of sophisticated diagnostic techniques such as advanced ultrasound it is the expertise of the Cardiologist in interpreting historical and physical examination findings that is of paramount importance.

Pets with all types of heart condition are referred to our Cardiology Service. Our aim is to first establish an accurate diagnosis before selecting from the wide range of treatment options available at DWR. This is achieved by a combination of expertise and appropriate diagnostic facilities to determine whether a pet actually needs treatment and if so, what is best for them. It is equally important to recognise those patients who can be managed without any form of medical or surgical intervention and in many instances patients may require watchful monitoring rather than immediate treatment.

In some cases, cardiac disease is suspected initially but the condition may prove to be a respiratory or more generalised illness. At other times, reassurance may be sought that no serious cardiac condition exists. Our Cardiologists have a sufficiently broad level of experience to identify this and to treat respiratory disorders. We also have access to Specialists in-house in related disciplines and our integrated approach means that the necessary expertise is available immediately and our patients can receive the highest possible level of care.

Please select ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ from the menu on the left to gain further information regarding cardiology. Also, please remember that your consultant will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have.

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