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Leah Unwin

Team Leader, Physiotherapy

Sarah Powdrill

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Nicola Thomas

Veterinary Physiotherapist

Beth Higginbotham

Physiotherapy Assistant

Fiona Smee

Veterinary Physiotherapist


The Physiotherapy service offers a full range of land- and water-based treatments in state-of-the-art facilities which include a computerised water treadmill, allowing us to utilise buoyancy and water resistance alongside advanced hands-on physiotherapy.

Our inpatient rehabilitation programme reduces the length of stay and aid improves function on discharge. Tailored home exercise programmes are provided and follow-up assessment and treatment arranged as required.

We offer a comprehensive outpatient service and maintain close communication with referring clinicians to ensure case care continuity and monitoring.Physiotherapy is used for many patient groups including:

Neurological Cases
Physiotherapy can complement the medical management of chronic intervertebral disc disease and play a key role in rehabilitation following fibrocartilagenous emboli or conservative management of traumatic disc. Other neurological conditions benefiting from physiotherapy include: brain infarcts; head trauma; meningitis of unknown aetiology; tetanus; botulism and other conditions causing prolonged recumbency.

Acute Orthopaedic Cases
Physiotherapy can expedite return to function in patients with acute orthopaedic conditions. Our inpatient rehabilitation programme, following both traumatic and elective surgical procedures, aims to prevent abnormal loading, soft tissue shortening and oedema; and to promote the healing process and return to normal function.

Acute Medical Cases
The acutely unwell medical patient can suffer from a range of conditions and physiotherapy can assist in
their management. We assist the Internal Medicine Specialists in
the management of respiratory complications and medically recumbent patients.

General Old Age
Physiotherapy can enhance quality of life in elderly animals and provide support for them and their owners. We offer extensive advice on husbandry and exercise as well as treatment options aimed at improving musculoskeletal function and comfort.

Pain Management
Physiotherapy can complement
the pharmacological management
of pain, utilising manual, movement and electrophysical therapies. As a result drug doses, and therefore side effects, can be reduced and a return to normal function can be expedited.

Our Physiotherapists are pleased to offer advice to colleagues in primary care practice.

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