Sharing Knowledge

20 June 2019


At DWR, not only are we committed to providing excellent patient and client care, but we are involved in numerous important research projects, many of which are in collaboration with other organisations.

We openly share our research findings with other colleagues so that as many vets, researches and, ultimately, patients as possible can benefit. One of our Ophthalmology Residents, Azzurra Massidda, attended the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists conference in Antwerp, Belgium, where she presented 2 of the Ophthalmology service’s collaborative research projects to an audience of around 400 veterinary surgeons:

1) Incidence and risk factors for surgical glove perforation in small animal ophthalmic surgery.

2) A variant in OLFML3 is associated with PLA and PCAG in the UK Border Collie population

Great job Azzurra!