James Oliver


Head of Ophthalmology


  • European and RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology
  • Honorary Associate Professor, University of Nottingham
James graduated from the University of Bristol with distinction in 2002. He spent 5 years in general practice where he developed his passion for veterinary ophthalmology.  He achieved European Specialist status in 2011 and has worked as a Specialist in several referral hospitals in the UK. James has extensive experience in research, is widely published in the scientific literature and has completed a PhD in the genetics of canine glaucoma. His main research interest is the genetics of inherited eye diseases which is focussed on developing DNA tests to eliminate painful and blinding eye conditions of dogs and cats. James has also written a book on feline ophthalmology and has made contributions to other textbooks on various aspects of veterinary ophthalmology. He is actively involved in the teaching and training of vets in their pursuit of improved understanding and post graduate qualifications in this field. James is current Chair of the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists’ Education and Residency Committee.


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