The Gift of Sight

25 February 2019


Exciting News!! The Ophthalmologists at DWR are now offering a sight-saving technique for dogs with corneal disease. This is a routine procedure in people, and is starting to be used in the veterinary field. The team at DWR is among the first to offer it to their canine patients.

Mable is a 3-year-old crossbred referred to us because she had corneal oedema, a disease that causes cloudiness in the front chamber of the eye.

Mable’s eye before surgery

This is a progressive condition that could end up causing pain and discomfort owing to corneal ulceration. A decision was made to perform corneal transplant surgery.

Mable’s eye immediately after surgery

3 weeks later

Our Ophthalmology Team was able to perform a transplant using a donated cornea; some of the affected area was replaced by the healthy cornea which was then secured with sutures.

Following surgery, Mable was given antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. She needed ongoing veterinary attention for some weeks but she is now fully recovered although we will continue to monitor her progress and she will visit us once each year.

Mable’s eye at her most recent check up.

This treatment was only possible because we received the healthy cornea from a dog who had, sadly, been put to sleep for unrelated reasons.

Saying goodbye to a much loved pet is always sad and painful. However, for some owners, giving the gift of sight to another dog at this difficult time provides a level of comfort.

If you find yourself in this position at any time in the future, or you know of others who are, and would like to help save the eyesight of another dog, please contact a member of our Ophthalmology Team: