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Referral Night Nurse

Shadowing a referral night nurse

Event Details:

These interactive, engaging and hands-on evenings and nights give qualified vet nurses an overview of what it is like working as a referral night nurse, including informal presentations from a nurse and vet point of view.

On Tuesday 3rd May 2022 we had nurses from primary care practices try their hand at night referral nursing.

They really enjoyed the whole evening and found that it exceeded their expectations. They enjoyed the Intensive Care Unit and learning CPR techniques as well as seeing the care given to each of the patients.


Details of the evening:

5.30pm: Arrive in our associate marquee area for a buffet including short talks from:

Heidi Taylor our Head of Nursing Services about the nursing team at DWR and the role of a referral nurse.

Max Foreman a vet Resident in Neurology & Neurosurgery about the role of a referral nurse from a vet’s point of view.

Terry Lack/Lisa Lungley our Night nurse management team about the special role of a night nurse.

6.30pm – midnight you will get the opportunity to shadow a night nurse and see how handover, aftercare and emergencies are dealt with.

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