Little Parsley was rescued by a family who gave him a loving home. He developed secondary painful glaucoma after cataract surgery which did not respond to medical and surgical treatment. Both his eyes had to be removed. Parsley adapted really well and gained a dog friend who guided him. His owners shared his story:

‘In 2019 Parsley was blind, living in a rescue kennel, desperately underweight and so sad – he didn’t have anyone and was sent from Ireland to Wales. My friend saw him and sent me his picture on a Monday, I picked him up on the Saturday and promised him I would do everything I could to give him a wonderful life.! For the rest of his life he had a kind home, a family who loved and accepted him no matter what; food, love and walks and toys and cuddles on tap. He had such a big heart. I also promised we would go to the beach because my other dogs love the beach. And we did! And he saw, smelled and felt the sea for the first time! He really has been a lesson to us.’’